Olvia Port Public Stevedore’s Assets Transferred to Concession

1 Дек

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (MIU) has finally signed the act legalising the transfer of Stevedoring Company Olvia and Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) public assets as an integral complex to the concessionaire – LLC QTerminals Olvia, as reported by Ruslan Oliynyk, Director of the LLC.

“On 1 December 2021 a significant event for the state enterprise (SE) Stevedoring Company Olvia took place: its assets were transferred in the concession by LLC QTerminals Olvia, as witnessed by the delivery-acceptancy acts signed today in MIU. Up from this moment the SC Olvia becomes a part of the well-known international company from Qatar, namely QTerminals Group)”, Mr Oliynyk wrote in is Facebook.

As for the management of concessioned port assets, QTerminals Olvia is going to start it on 02 December 2021.

Olvia Port Public Stevedore’s Assets Transferred to Concession


Mr Oliynyk has also confirmed his resignation from the public stevedore SC Olvia and consequent assignment as Director of by LLC QTerminals Olvia.

The day before Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) agreed upon the transfer of integrated assets of the state-owned SC Olvia and USPA to the concession.

The state enterprise SC Olvia is a public company – subject of the concession pilot project. In August 2020 MIU signed the agreement on concession of the SE SC Olvia and SE USPA integral assets for the term of 35 years.

According to the agreement, QTerminals shall invest in the port’s development about 3.4 Bn UAH (now ~126M US$), moreover, at least 80M UAH shall be invested in the local infrastructure.

The agreement envisages the present employees keeping their jobs for the next 6 years. The requirement of maximal employment of Ukrainian citizens in the port is kept as well. There is a separate clause in the agreement: solution of the Mykolaiv city’s infrastructure problems. Say, there is a new tunnel construction under the railway in Korabelny District of Mykolaiv planned for the investor’s funding.