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The attached table [click here] sets out statistics for the number of appointments received, arbitrations run and awards published in recent years up to 2023.

The LMAA is an arbitral association which facilitates ad hoc arbitration, as opposed to an arbitration institution which supervises and administers arbitration. The latter type of body commonly has access to a complete set of data in relation to arbitrations administered by it. By contrast, the LMAA has no involvement in individual references (save for limited circumstances where, when designated as the appointing authority, the LMAA is called upon to make an appointment). The Association therefore seeks limited anonymised data from its arbitrating members in order to produce these annual statistics.

Since 2014, all Full and Aspiring Full Members of the LMAA, as well as barristers and some Supporting Members known to accept appointments on LMAA Terms and Procedures, have been requested to submit their statistics. These figures do not include data from other Supporting Members or from other arbitrators worldwide who have accepted appointments on LMAA Terms and Procedures. The statistics are not therefore a full capture of the number of appointments, references and awards under LMAA Terms and Procedures in any given year and inevitably understate the complete figures.

As in previous years, the figures in respect of the total number of awards and references have been adjusted according to formulae applied to reflect the fact that the same arbitration reference and award is likely to appear in the figures provided by more than one LMAA arbitrator where the tribunal is made up of more than one arbitrator.

Statistics 1983-1996 can be found here.