Grain Export Topping 30M t in This Season

27 Дек

From the beginning of 2021-2022 Marketing Year (MY: July 2021 – June 2022) grain export from Ukraine as of 24 December has amounted to 30.748M t against 25.076M t for the same period in last MY.

According to the data by State Customs Service of Ukraine (SCSU), the main grains export has increased, in particular:

  • wheat — by 26.4%, up to 15.634M t;
  • corn — by 11.9%, up to 9.597M t;
  • barley — by 38.7%, up to 5.195M t.

Besides that, there have been exported 58,100 t of flour against 76,400 t a year before, including 57,300 t of wheat flour compared to previous 75,800 t.

Grain Export Topping 30M t in This Season

From the start of December there have been 4.652M t of grains exported, including 3.48M t of corn, 906,000 t of wheat, and 243,000 t of barley.

As per Ministry of Economy and Trade, the grain export of 2020-2021 MY shrank comparing with the record of 2019-2020 MY by 21.2% – down to 44.7M t. Namely, the export of corn amounted to 23.1M t, wheat – 16.6M t, and barley – 4.2M t.

According to SCSU information, the export of grains as the total goods item in 2020 decreased by 9.5% in comparison to 2019: down to 51.313M t, in monetary terms – by 2.3%, down to 9.416Bn USD.