Yuzhny Port Breaking Records on Vegoil Loading Rate

31 Янв

In January 2019 Allseeds Group transhipped sunflower oil through an oil extraction complex at the sea port of Yuzhny onboard the two sea-going vessels Arionas and Maersk Trenton – 35,000 t to each. Such a substantial volume of handling took only one week while the loading rates came a record for the national ports, as Allseeds reported.

In summer 2018 a major private stevedoring operator in Ukraine the company TIS launched a new vegoil pipeline at Berths 19 and 20 to load the products of the company Allseeds Black Sea. In last year’s December a new branch of the pipeline was connected to the mail line of the company Risoil-Yug.

“In January we have provided for the first time a vessel’s composite loading at Berth 19. The tanker Arionas received 30,600 t of vegoils from Allseeds and 4,000 t from Risoil S.A. Earlier such a combo loading we could provide only at Berth 22. Yet now we have three berths – 19, 20, and 22 – equipped with additional 5 points of loading, so we can pump oil from two terminals”, reported the company TIS.

The average oil pumping rate turned out to be a record for Ukrainian ports: 570-750 t per hour. “Such rates came true thanks to successful design solutions”, underlined Allseeds.

Let’s remind that Allseeds Group operating in the port of Yuzhny plans to invest 15M USD in the vegoils hub creation. They establish a trade-load yard for traders and processors. Allseeds expected a boost of transhipment capacities in order to reach by the end of 2018 the capability of 100,000 t of oil processed monthly, with the prospect of growing the volumes up to 1.5M t in 2019.