TOP 10 grain transhipment terminals

18 Дек

Shipment rates for grain and food cargoes in the sea ports of Ukraine for November have continued their growth: 5.097M t handled all in all i.e. 47.7% or 1.64M t more than the last year’s November, reports the analytical sector manager of Aleksandr Glushchenko.
In his opinion, the main reason the growth is active export of the newly harvested corn, embracing over 67% of all the export shipments via sea ports.
The export of grain and food cargoes processed by stevedores in Ukrainian ports has amounted to 4.899M t i.e. by 1.58M t higher than the similar rate of the last year.
By the general January – November 2018 outcome, the sea ports have handled 36.861M t of cereals (-2.2% to 11 months of 2017), including grain – 34.388M t i.e. -1.2% to the similar rate of 2017 (34.794M t).
By results of the 11 months of 2018, one third of all grain and food cargoes was transhipped by Mykolaiv sea port boasting 11.682M t handled in the period observed (+40.4% to 11 months of 2017). Further leaders are Chornomorsk with the 22.5% share (8.325M t or +12.3%), Yuzhny – 18.9% of all grain shipped from Ukraine (6.994M t or -11.9%), and Odessa – 16.7% (6.168M t or -12.8%).
As of 11 months passed the largest cereals handling terminals in sea ports are:
— TIS Group (Yuzhny) – 6,223,000 t;
— TransBulkTerminal (Chornomorsk) – 3,371,000 t;
— Nika-Tera (Mykolaiv/Olvia) – 2,973,000 t;
— Danube Shipping & Stevedoring Co. (Mykolaiv) – 2,891,000 t;
— Ilyichevsk Zernovoi Terminal (Chornomorsk) – 2,580,000 t;
— Nibulon (Mykolaiv) – 2,464,000 t;
— Grintur-Ex (Mykolaiv) – 2,339,000 t;
— Olympex Coupe (Odessa) – 1,712,000 t;
— Ukrelevatorprom (Odessa) – 1,444,000 t
— Brooklyn Kiev (Odessa) – 1,175,000 t.