Delta Vilmar to Enlarge Oil Processing Plant Capacity in Yuzhny

25 Окт

Delta Vilmar CIS is going to launch new capacities at the working vegoils processing and special fats production facility in the port of Yuzhny, as reports Interfax-Ukraina.
“The project’s cost is 32M USD. Enlargement of the working plant’s capacity envisages construction of a refining shop capable of 400 t per day, a hydrogenation shop – of 200 tpd, and modernisation of packaging shops and packed products store – up to 5,000 t at a time”, commented the company.
Delta Vilmar indicated that nowadays the refining capacities sum up 2,100 tpd, hydrogenation – 200 tpd, packaging – 700 tpd, and the store’s capacity – 10,000 t.
“There are plans to realise three more projects till 2020. They anticipate building a berth to handle edible oils and bulk products (meal/cake) for up to 3M t a year, a cake/meal accumulation terminal for 40,000 t at a time, and a soybean crushing factory for 2,000 tpd”, noted the company.
All the three ventures are estimated as 150M USD worth. All in all, the group invested in its three facilities in Ukraine some 270M USD.
LLC Delta Vilmar CIS was founded in 2004. It is specialised in oil and fat and ingredients manufacturing for cereal, confectionary and dairy products. The company’s structure embraces two plants – one to process tropical oils, the other to process oil seeds, as well as the vegoils transhipment complex in Yuzhny Port.