USPA presenting LNG Terminal Investment Project in Reni Port

28 Мар

Reni Branch, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) considers a possibility of drawing investors to realise a public-private partnership (PPP) project on developing a terminal for the liquid natural gas (LNG) receipt, accumulation, storage, and ships bunkering in the sea port of Reni.

The project envisages construction of the LNG terminal and floating dock for ships bunkering in the area of the so-called Technical Servicing Base of the sea port of Reni.
The location in the Special Economic Zone Reni, vicinity of Odessa – Bucharest international road, as well as possibility of efficiently utilising the existing assets and adjacent infrastructure makes the project prospective and beneficial both for the state and for a potential private investor.

What is also noted among the project’s advantages for a private investor are the opportunity to obtain international and European grants, participation in international programs on LNG terminals construction in order to reduce the environmental impact as well as inclusion of the Danube port of Ukraine in the European Transport Network (TEN-T).

It is anticipated that the investment project’s implementation should encourage increase of ships calling at the port of Reni, and thus enlarge the earnings from port dues and other services for USPA as well as inflows to various budgets (taxes, concession fees) for the state.

Moreover, the project is going to substantially exert a positive impact on the economical, social, and ecological situation in the region on account of new jobs creation, infrastructure modernisation, and decrease of harmful emissions at the inland waterways of Ukraine, the Danube in particular.

Let’s also mark that the LNG terminal creation is topical due to the necessity of equipping ships bunkering stations with LNG in the sea ports of Ukraine. By 2025 in accordance with Directive 2014/94/EU there must be established a sufficient number of LNG terminals in sea ports. Many European countries use LNG as ships fuel as long as 10 years already. This has positively effected both the maritime transport economical efficacy and environment. Ships fuelled with LNG are still scarce yet their number is constantly enlarging.

The project realisation is planned on the period 2020 – 2025, its presentation can be found at the USPA’s investment portal: