Ukrainian Sea Ports Breaking Historical Record of Transhipment

16 Янв

The final statistics of 2019 show that sea ports of Ukraine have enlarged cargo handling by 18.4% and reached the record numbers for the entire history (excluding the ports left in the Crimea). The annual transhipment of 13 operating ports for the first time exceeded 160M t.

“Ukraine’s sea ports boast increase of transhipment for the third year in a row. This year our 13 ports have reached the maximum benchmark for all their time of work – 160M t. The top showings of grains and ores handling were registered as well. The box traffic surpassed its 10-years maximum – 1M TEU. At once four ports i.e. Pivdenny, Mykolaiv, Chornomorsk, and Olvia achieved the maximum throughput numbers from their launching. And finally, USPA has managed for the second time to provide dredging in ports for above 7M cu.m”, noted the head of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Raivis Veckagans.

The largest share of the record was of course contributed by the agro sector. Cereals and vegoils comprised more than one third (37.7%) of the whole lot of cargo flow in Ukrainian ports. Grains handling increased comparing 2018 by 32% up to 54.6M t. Ores handling came the second to finish with the 37.3M t result being over 9M t (+ 33%) more than that of 2018. The top trio also includes containers – over 1M TEU.

The 2019 handling growth was observed in every direction: export, import, transit, and cabotage. Yet the most significant was the Ukrainian manufacturers’ production export boosting by 22.2% up to but 121M t. The import increased by 8.7% up to 2.58M t, while the transit handling stretched to 11M t i.e. 8% up in comparison with 2018.

The cargo throughput leaders in 2019 were traditionally the four ports: Pivdenny – 53.9M t (+ 26.1%), Mykolaiv – 33.4M t (+ 14.5%), Chornomorsk – 26.2M t (+ 21.4%), and Odessa – 25.3M t (+ 16.8%).

There were 11,850 vessels processed in 2019 all in all which is only 196 units or 1.7% more than the previous year.

The number of cargoes shipped via the Dnipro river expanded by 19%, to almost 11.8M t. In particular, metals traffic augmented by almost 33% and above 54% – the throughput of grains. They amounted to respectively 1.7M t and 4.9M t for the whole year. That expansion came in spite of the vessel’s calls falling down by 27% thus displaying the ships’ load increase and better navigation conditions – on account of the river reservoirs dredging among others, which was secured by USPA’s Dredging Fleet Branch for the first time in the last 6 years.

The quantity of passengers opting to use water transport grows yearly, too, both in foreign and domestic ranges. In particular, there were almost 538,000 pax carried in 2019, which is by 65% more than 2018. All but 10,000 of them enjoyed abroad voyages.