Ukrainian Grain Handling Numbers Already Exceeding 2018 in To-To

22 Ноя

The grain transhipment capacities have approached 85M t.

In just under the 11 months of 2019 the processing of grains in sea ports of Ukraine has already outpaced the total volume of 2018 by 6.1M t already, and amounts to over 46M t by operative information.

In comparison with the last year the total capabilities of grain transhipment in Ukrainian ports enlarged by 9% and embrace some 85M t per annum, as Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) reports.

USPA cooperates with the business as concerns the agro products handling capacities increase in the ports. There was an agreement achieved this autumn between the state enterprise and private business on realisation of the two investment projects at once in this sector.

“In September USPA signed a contract with the Kernel company being the world largest manufacturer and exporter of sunflower oil, envisaging investments of above 3Bn UAH in the Chornomorsk port infrastructure development. And as soon as the end of October during First Investment Forum RE:THINK attended by President of Ukraine, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed by USPA with a major Chinese corporation COFCO and the public stevedore of Mariupol port. Its implementation is going to enable us to enlarge the agricultural cargo handling in Mariupol 3.5 times”, reminded the manager of USPA Raivis Veckagans.

It is planned that USPA provides dredging works in the harbourage and along the waterfront at the port of Chornomorsk through which the agro products of Kernel will be loaded, while in the port of Mariupol besides the dredging reconstruction of Berths 2 and 3 will be carried out as well. Both projects envisage guaranteed boost of the cargo flows which would allow accelerating the state enterprise’s investments return.

It is worth to note that by the end of the current year the reconstruction of Berth 4 in Mariupol is to be completed, in the rear of which the public stevedore Mariupol Sea Trade Port is finishing the new grain terminal erection.

Also, in October 2019 USPA accomplished restoring the rated depths in Mykolaiv sea port, which is the leader of agro cargoes transhipment in Ukraine. The two more projects as large as above continue in the Ukrainian ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk. All in all the volume of operational dredging provided by the own fleet and by order of USPA in 2019 has already reached the mark of 5M cu.m.