Ukraine’s Marine Administration to Commence Work from 01 August

30 Июл

State Service of Maritime and Inland Water Transport of Ukraine (Marine Administration) is going to start functioning from 01 August, as the authority proclaimed in its Facebook.
“Marine Administration’s priority is realisation of state policy in the fields of maritime and inland water transport, merchant shipping, inland waterways sailing, navigational and hydrographic support, as well as marine and river transport safety”, promulgates the message.
Let’s remind that in mid April Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Dmytro Petrenko Chairman of Marine Administration for the term of 5 years with the 6 months probation.
The initiative of the Marine Administration establishing was launched by Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (MIU) in September 2016, and the CMU decided accordingly on 17 January 2018.
The new central executive power body has functions as listed in the Government Act No. 1095 by 06 September 2017.
They embrace:
– submitting to MIU proposals on conclusion, termination or suspension of, denunciation and accession to international treaties of Ukraine on maritime and inland water transport issues;
concluding international agreements of interagency character;
developing strategy of meeting obligations of Flag State, Port State and Littoral State in respect of international treaties in the sphere of merchant shipping, and functioning in compliance with these obligations;
developing proposals on implementing integration of the national marine and river transport system into the European and global transport systems, and according to the procedures in force providing such integration.

Besides, Administration will implement control of:
provision of cargoes, passengers and luggage carriage safety;
condition of sea ways;
conduct of emergency rescue works on maritime and inland water transport, functioning of radio navigation and surveillance systems of the Maritime Mobile Service;
conformity of port facilities security systems;
Harbour Masters activities;
conclusion of contracts on compulsory liability insurance of dangerous goods freight participants;
implementation of Ukraine’s international treaties on the shipping safety and environment pollution prevention.
Marine Administration will also investigate causes of marine accidents and transport accidents on inland waterways of Ukraine, issue licenses on carriage of passengers, dangerous goods and hazardous wastes by marine and river transport, enter vessels in State Ships Register and Ships Book of Ukraine.
Among other authorities are registry of small craft berthing areas with placing information on its official web site; general supervision and control of shipping specialists certification; international shipping lines registration; regulating commercial navigation; and personnel matters.