Ukraine Ascending 14 Points Up the WB’s LPI

31 Июл

Ukraine’s position in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) calculated by the World Bank (WB) has enhanced by 14 points for the two years.
According to the LPI Report 2018, Ukraine finished 66th with 2.83 points between Serbia with 2.84 and Egypt (2.82), and the third one among the post-Soviet nations after Estonia (3.31 pts, 36th position) and Lithuania (3.02/54th).
The leading position in the LPI is held by Germany with the summary LPI Score of 4.20 pts, followed by Sweden (4.05), Belgium (4.04), Austria (4.03), and Japan (4.03). The next from top five are the Netherlands (4.02), Singapore (4.00), Denmark (3.99), the UK (3.99), and Finland (3.97).
Poland can be found at the 28th position (3.54), Turkey – 47th (3.15), Romania – 48th (3.12), Bulgaria – 52nd (3.03), Latvia – 70th (2.81), Russia – 75th (2.76), Belarus – 103rd (2.57), Moldova – 116th (2.46), and Georgia – 119th (2.44).
In general the rating embraces six areas on which the researches focused. Ukraine scored 2.49 pts in Customs Formalities Section, 2.22 – in Infrastructure Section, 2.83 –International Freight Transport, 2.84 – Logistic Competency, 3.11 – Cargo Tracking, and 3.42 – Delivery Timeliness.
The LPI rating reckoned by WB biennially was established in order to help countries identify problems and opportunities they face in their trade logistic activities, and what can be done to enhance their efficiency. It rates productivity along the logistic chain of deliveries in the country and offers two different prospects: international and local.
The rating is based upon global polls of local operators (global forwarders and express carriers) who provide references on ‘friendliness’ of logistics in the countries they work in and trade with. This operators feedback is supported by numeric data on the efficiency of key elements in a country’s logistic chain.
In 2016 Ukraine took the 80th position in the rating scoring 2.74 pts, while in 2014 – 61st (2.98), in 2012 – 66th (2.85), and 102nd (2.57) – in 2010.