Olvia Port Concession Readiness Discussed

17 Июн

In the course of concession project implementation a task meeting was held in the specialised sea port (SSP) Olvia with representatives of the concessionaire LLC QTerminals Olvia, as reported by the port’s Press Office.

“During the talks, matters of transition period actions realisation according to the concession agreement were discussed jointly with Rolando Pereiras and Georgiy Gegeshidze, as well as common issues of SSP Olvia development and coordinative actions procedure”, Press Office pointed out.

Head of SSP Olvia authority (Olvia Branch of USPA) Andriy Yegorov drew the attention to importance of compliance with the timely realisation of provisions and aims in the framework of concession.

“On the part of USPA (Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority) Branch we do our best to facilitate the decision of every vital issue that emerges or can emerge. As per the agreement Branch have provided all interim documents regarding the planned to transfer assets’ technical state, organised the joint inventory procedures, as well as the initial berths measuring conducted well beforehand”, noted Branch Head.

There were matters of the port’s initial assets’ technical passport elaboration discussed in detail, in the course of forming and registering the integral assets complex.

Olvia Port Concession Readiness Discussed

According to the agreement, the concession object is the integral assets complex including assets of the SE (state enterprise) SSP Olvia, SE USPA, as well as the objects especially constructed in accordance with the concession agreement conditions. The assets transferred to the concessionaire within the concession object shall remain public property, and upon the concession agreement expiration shall be transferred back to the state with all the objects built or modernised by the investor during his operation of the assets. To perform concession activities, the concessionaire shall be provided with rented land plots by decision of Mykolaiv Region Administration.

In August 2020 Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and Qatari company QTerminals have signed the agreement on concession of the integral assets complex of SE SSP Olvia and the relevant assets of SE USPA in the sea port Olvia. As per the agreement, QTerminals shall invest some 3.4Bn UAH in the port’s development, and moreover, at least 80M UAH in the local infrastructure.