New Port Access Rail Track in Odessa

14 Янв

The company Euroterminal has completed construction of the approach rail road from its Dry Port to Odessa-Peresyp station capable of more than 1M t a year, as reported by the company’s Press Office.

The track built will enable receiving a various cargo range – namely containers, dry bulk and general cargoes.

New Port Access Rail Track in Odessa

 “This construction is going also to solve the problem of unequal opportunities regarding the throughput capacity of Odessa Port station and the port’s rail tracks. Most of all this discrepancy is perceived in spring and autumn during the maximum load onto the railroad when the terminals of Odessa Port handle exported grain”, says the report.

The new rail track will allow decreasing the expenses of the Euroterminal itself, its customers, port operators, forwarders, customs brokers, and logistic operators. The new port access way would benefit to facilitation of administering all the logistic chain through, from a shipper to an end-user, and enable to optimise the processes.

The project also will enable to diminish the city traffic congestion, lower the number of cargo vehicles passing through the entry gate and overhead passing, and result in curtailing the negative impact on environment.

Now there are construction of a container trains and containers processing station and erection of a complex for grains and niche crops final processing in the company’s plans.

«Евротерминал» построил ж/д ветку к Одесскому порту