New Company Nika Trans Logistika to Operate Railway, Road and Towage Fleet

8 Июн

A company being a part of Group DF has entered the logistic market of Ukraine. The founding investments amounted to $10M.

As per the company’s information, it is going to operate some rolling stock and a road vehicles depot, as well as a fleet of tugs.

The rolling stock of Nika Trans Logistika as of today embraces 2,500 railcars – mineral hoppers, tanks, and open cars.

The truck fleet consists of 70 new DAF cars. According to the business plan, by 2024 the number is going to grow up to 200 trucks. A part of them is equipped with maritime containers carriage platforms, tents, as well as tanktainers to carry liquid cargoes. There are also 1,000 trucks of licensed third-party carriers operated at demand for the forwarding purposes.

The company’s towage fleet embraces 3 units from 1,200 to 2,500 hp handling ships in the Mykolaiv Region ports.

According to the business plan, the company is to secure the 20% growth of traffic annually. By 2023 its overseas clientele should cover 70% of the total cargo turnover, the half of which to be European companies. Elbowing into the European market, the company will use the brand NTL (Nika Trans Logistics).

It is pointed out, that Nika Trans Logistica has been the logistics management centre of the entire Group DF business before entering foreign markets, and remains the same.

Complying with the company’s development strategy, it will transform in 4 years into a logistic holding uniting the key carriage and service ranges.

Let’s remind you that the sea terminal Nika-Tera of Group DF has reached 7.38M t of cargo handled in 2020, having received last year 409 vessels.