Mariupol Grain Terminal Construction Coming to Final Phase

25 Фев

The Phase I construction of a dedicated grain transhipment complex for the state enterprise (SE) Mariupol Sea Trade Port (MSTP) has reached its final stage, as reported by the public stevedore’s Press Office.

The works on installation of all the complex’s structures basements are completed as well as those on the metallic structures of Noria Tower 2, weighs tower, transport gallery with abutments by Row A, operator’s and switch rooms. There was also the transformer substation of modular type installed.

Now the metal structures and upper + lower load-discharge bins of the discharging station being mounted. Connection of the outer water mains and domestic sewage is completed. The works on reconstruction of the railway access tracks to the wagons discharging station are still on, as well as running repairs of the administrative and social building with a lab.

Mariupol Grain Terminal Construction Coming to Final Phase

The agro sector is among a few in the country’s economy to show the positive dynamic. We can’t but approve the former company’s management actions based on the acknowledgement of grain cargo handling big prospects towards the large-scale investments for this huge project”, noted the public stevedore’s acting manager.

In January 2021 the foundations for all the future terminal’s objects was completed, while in October 2020 the connecting rail track construction started. And initially MSTP commenced the project realisation back in July 2018. The project envisages ten silos capable of 5,700 t each, two operation silos of 500 t each, a border gallery, raw materials lab, road and rail transport discharging stations, while simultaneously reconstruction of Berth 4 hydraulic part was provided.

ММТП начал реализацию проекта по строительству зерноперевалочного комплекса в июле 2018 года. Проект предусматривает строительство десяти силосов емкостью по 5,7 тыс. тонн, двух оперативных силосов по 500 тонн, пограничной галереи, сырьевой лаборатории, станции разгрузки автомобильного и железнодорожного транспорта. Параллельно осуществлялась реконструкция гидротехнической части причала №4.

In January 2019 USPA, MSTP, LLC STT and the agro exporter COFCO Agri Resources Ukraine (a daughter of the Chinese trading corporation COFCO) signed a memorandum of cooperation, according to which USPA undertakes to timely reconstruct the hydraulic part of Berth 2 and 3, MSTP – to erect the grain terminal at the rear of Berth 3 to secure not less than 2.3M t of annual throughput via Berths 2 – 4, while COFCO Ukraine and LLC STT undertake to provide not less than 400,000 t of sunflower seeds, at least 400,000 t of sunflower meal, and not less than 400,000 t of grain delivered into the port for further export.