In 2018, $ 3 billion will be allocated for Ukraine infrastructure development

14 Фев

Infrastructure industry of Ukraine in 2018 will receive a record amount of financing over the past few years – 86 billion UAH. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan at the briefing “Priority directions of activity of the Ministry of Infrastructure for 2018” in Kiev on Tuesday.

“In 2018, approximately 86 billion UAH will be allocated for the development of Ukraine’s infrastructure. And these are not abstract figures – these are the means of taxpayers. And in a year we must report to the society for every penny spent, “the minister said.

As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure, during the briefing Omelyan presented the key activities of the ministry in 2018. These include the development of ports and attraction of strategic investors to the port industry, the renewal of the rolling stock of Ukrzaliznytsia, the renewal of motorways, the introduction of a road safety program, the continuation of the Ukrposhta reform, the adoption of a package of infrastructure legislation, and the development of a digital infrastructure.

The briefing was attended by. about. Chairman of the State Enterprise “Administration of Seaports of Ukraine” (USPA) Raivis Veckagans, and acting Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” Evgeny Kravtsov, and acting. Deputy Chairman of the State Agency of Highways of Ukraine “Ukravtodor” Alexander Kharchenko, and acting General Director of PJSC “Ukrposhta” Igor Smelyansky and Director of the National Secretariat of CoST in Ukraine Natalia Vorsyuk.

According to Omelyan, the most important event of the Ukrainian sea complex in 2018 is the passage of an audit of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). “Also among the priorities: the full launch of the Maritime Administration and preparations for the corporatization of the State Enterprise” USPA”. The volume of capital investments will make up UAH 4.3 billion. We are stepping up efforts to attract investors, in particular, through concession tenders and the privatization of state-owned stevedoring companies, “the minister said.

In the railway industry, an important event will be the opening of the Beskydy Tunnel – the largest infrastructure project of the last decade. According to the head of Ukrzaliznytsia, all works on this project are planned to be completed on May 25. “The volume of investment in the rolling stock of” Ukrzaliznytsya “will be more than 18 billion UAH. This includes the purchase of 30 locomotives by General Electric, the acquisition of 60 new passenger cars, the modernization of 226 existing passenger cars, the production of 3,600 freight cars, the modernization of more than 10,000 freight wagons. In 2018, six large infrastructure projects will also be launched with an estimated value of UAH 10 billion. This is electrification, reconstruction of roads and others, “Omelyan said.

“In 2018,” Ukrzaliznytsya “, finally, passes to the market principle of setting prices for freight cars. Also in the plans is the creation of a vertical company, the completion of corporatization, “the minister added.

According to Omelyan, the amount of financing of the road industry reaches approximately 50 billion UAH. “Of these, the State Road Fund will amount to 32.6 billion UAH, of which more than 19 billion will be directed to state roads, 1.5 billion UAH for road safety, more than 6 billion UAH for separate roads. In particular, the road M-12 (GO Highway) – 4 billion USD, M-03 – 2 billion USD (Kiev – Kharkiv – Dovzhansky), H-31 – 2 billion USD (Dnieper – Tsarichanka – Kobelyaki – Reshetilovka), R -46 – 2 billion UAH (Kharkov-Bogodukhov-Akhtyrka), H-03 – 1 billion UAH (Zhitomir-Chernivtsi), on the development of roads in the Lviv region – 0.4 billion UAH), “the minister said.

The minister stressed that the regional state administrations will receive 11.5 billion UAH for road rehabilitation. “Decentralization is more rights, but at the same time more responsibility of local authorities. This year, we will transfer over 11.5 billion UAH to the places. And these funds should be effectively used to restore roads. I will initiate a decision before the government and parliament that if these funds are not used, they must be returned to the State Road Fund, “he said.

In addition, the proceeds from the customs experiment on financial support for the reconstruction and repair of highways due to overfulfilment of customs revenues are planned at the level of 6-7 billion UAH.

According to Omelyan, more than 3.8 billion UAH are provided for the development of the aviation industry. In particular, the volume of capital investments of the airport “Borispol” is 2.3 billion UAH, the airport “Lviv” – 34 million UAH. On the development of regional airports will be sent 800 million USD, for the maintenance of flight safety – more than 680 million UAH.

The volume of capital investments “Ukrposhta” is 0.5 billion UAH. “The plans include increasing the processing of parcels, digitizing branches and services, developing the network and infrastructure, launching a courier delivery service,” the minister said.

Omelyan stressed that the development of infrastructure requires the attraction of significant funds, so infrastructure projects should be transparent. “Three years ago, the ministry joined the CoST Initiative in order to ensure the accountability of infrastructure projects in the road sector. Regional road services disclose information on road repair projects in accordance with international standards. The information on more than 1 thousand projects of repairs and reconstruction of roads, related to the management sphere of “Ukravtodor” has already been disclosed. This is a big change. Today all the data disclosed by Ukravtodor can be found on the Open Infrastructure Data Portal, “the minister said.

“In order to spread the international practice of transparency of infrastructural projects to other organizations subordinate to the Ministry, I urge business leaders of other sectors to join and disclose data on repairs of airports, ports, railways and stations,” Omelyan added.