Georgia’s Transport Corridor to Be Digitalised under US Government Support

29 Апр

The transport corridor of Georgia is being digitalised with the help by Government of USA. It was declared today 29 April by Vice Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Gennadiy Arveladze at Connecting Eurasia: Smart Ports and Rail Forum.

The virtual forum is sponsored by US Department of Trade and US Embassies in Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan in order to discuss possibilities of most modern technologies’ use in the maritime and railway sectors as well as to enhance the awareness on American and international financial instruments.

The head of Georgian delegation at the forum Gennadiy Arveladze draw the attention to the part of digital technologies and solutions in provision of safe, reliable and efficient transport operations. He stressed upon the steps taken in Georgian ports towards introducing the Single Window principle and digitalisation of the transport corridor.

Georgia’s Transport Corridor to Be Digitalised under US Government Support

“We realise this project under support of the US Government. We believe it will attract more vessels in our ports while the development of direct port services is going to create new jobs which is very important particularly in this pandemic period”, underlined Vice Minister.

Gennadiy Arveladze has also noted some current and planned major projects of transport infrastructure in Georgia having the regional importance and able to help magnifying the attractivity of transport corridors passing Georgia. Simultaneously he pointed out significance of American investments in the country’s transport infrastructure.