Four Investors Interested in Leasing Skadovsk Sea Port

13 Сен

The companies Amalthea Trade, Sophia-1 Plus, Chernomor Invest Trans, and Sea Gate intend to participate in the tender for the right to lease the public assets of Skadovsk Sea Trade Port (SSTP).

As per the Press Office of the state enterprise (SE) Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), the investment projects realisation prospects were discussed in Skadovsk on Wednesday in the course of the meeting chaired by Head of Kherson Region State Administration (KRSA), and summoned by USPA. The Kherson branch of state property fund is going to announce the tender in the nearest time.

“Despite the Skadovsk Port’s small dimensions, USPA regards selection of one leaseholder for all the yards disposed by the public stevedore as the optimum. This will prevent possible conflicts between port operators within a confined area. Guaranteed numbers of the cargo flow increase must come as a necessary requirement for further cooperation with a would-be investor committed to lease the public stevedore’s assets in Skadovsk”, underlined Acting Chairman of SE USPA Raivis Veckagans.

Chairman of KRSA Yuriy Gusev has assured investors and USPA and SE SSTP representatives that the regional power will secure maximum support toward the taking of decisions directed to the port of Skadovsk development.

There were particular terms of taking decisions regarding the municipality and regional power owned lands official procedures completing, passing permits on dredging works, as well as defining USPA and investors’ obligations necessary for final decisions in respect of Skadovsk Port further development, identified at the meeting.

According to the plans of the four above mentioned companies, Skadovsk could manage handling agro commodities, parts for wind power stations, polymers, as well as ferry traffic from Turkey and the Caucasus. The annual handling volumes as promulgated by potential investors at the meeting, amount to 300-500,000 t.

Head of Skadovsk branch of USPA Oleksandr Kuhut says that the decision to lend the entire assets of the public stevedore was the most prospective from the port’s further development point of view.

The sea port of Skadovsk is situated at the north bank of Djarylgach bay of the Black Sea. The port’s harbourage is on fact a scoop with the dam guarded access. The harbourage is 5 – 5.3 m deep in its middle part, the annual capacity is 1.32M t, number of cargo berths – 5 with the 672 m long waterfront. As per the USPA Register, the only port’s operator is the public stevedore SE SSTP, which decreased in 2018 its throughput 2.5 times comparing to 2017 – down to 8,400 t.