Completely new energy harbour in Gothenburg

27 Фев

Планируется строительство нового порта площадью около 60 га. Строительство предположительно начнется в 2018 году и продлится до 2030. Пять причалов, из которых будут состоять мощности этого порта, будут предназначены для организации работ с энергоносителями.

The port authority is planning to build a brand-new 60 ha big energy port in the Risholmen area, to the left of today’s freight facilities in Hisingen.

Construction works are intended to start in 2018 with 2030 set as the commissioning year. The new energy harbour will comprise five quays.

Gothenburg Port Authority wants to use the land dug up during other infrastructural projects carried out in Gothenburg and neighbouring areas by the Swedish Transport Administration.

«We need new terminals and quays in order to secure future supply of energy as well as to prepare space for new types of energy products,» Arvid Guthed, Vice President Port Development at Gothenburg port, commented on the rationale behind the new harbour project.

«Our intention — Guthed added — is to use the massive amounts of soil the Swedish Transport Administration is digging up and which are to be disposed of. Instead of taking it to deposits, we’ll build a port with it. In such a way we’ll use resources which are close at hand, thus cutting the need for long transports.»

New energy harbour in Gothenburg (photo: Port of Gothenburg)