President Poroshenko to Bring In Concession Bill as Top Priority

4 Мар

That’s what he announced at the session of Odessa Region Development Council having heard the report by Maksim Shirokov, Risoil company terminals group Director General, on the acute need of business in regulation of concession activities.

“The vegoil & grain terminals group of the Swiss firm Risoil S.A. operates in Ukrainian market over 18 years. We have capacities in sea ports, with investments realised for total $180M. Our terminals are capable of processing up to 5M t of cargo per year. After 2014 we have enlarged our facilities in Chornomorsk Port, built the silo yard and other sites. Today there are about 800 employees working for the company. Meanwhile, we have developed another investment project worth of $70M”, said Mr Shirokov.

According to him, Risoil S.A. participate in the public-private partnership (PPP). On the company’s request USPA performs dredging works on Chornomorsk Port approaches.
Positive development dynamics are observed: only for the last half-year the company’s group of terminals remitted to budgets of all levels above 50M UAH, added Mr Shirokov.

At the same time, he noted, the port business reckons very much on adoption of the draft Law on Concession long before registered by the Parliament, which would facilitate and make more transparent the PPP and encourage inflow of investments in Ukraine’s economy.

President Poroshenko chairing the Odessa Region Development Council session declared that he shared the business’s position towards the must of the concessions bill urgent approval.

“Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) is even now, during the election race, boasting good working conditions. Notwithstanding the stormy debates. Yet, as per the results, our deputies manage to adopt topical laws thanks to the chairman and coalition. I shall take your report into account and push the draft Law on Concession as an urgent matter. Because it may serve as mighty impetus for involving foreign investments in our economy, as well as identifying Ukraine as an advantageous logistic centre of Europe”, stressed Mr Poroshenko.

The state’s leader has also expressed his hope that such companies as Risoil S.A. would help building in Ukraine logistic hubs, including tjhose in the ports of Odessa region.