$600M Engaged to Implement Port Anaklia Construction First Phase

8 Фев

The German investment corporation DEG and Dutch development bank FMO are investing funds in construction of the deep sea port of Anaklia on Georgia’s Black Sea coast, the project being fulfilled by the Georgian-American Anaklia Development Consortium.
As Interfax-Ukraina reports, agreements are signed with DEG and FMO pursuant to which those financial institutions would proceed with investments into the first phase of the port’s construction and assign their representatives into the consortium’s supervisory board. Arranging of agreement with DEG and FMO is crowning the search process for the project’s first phase funding that amounts to some $600M.
The construction of Anaklia deep sea port is the largest investment project in Georgia. Its implementation is managed by Anaklia Development Consortium LLC – a joint venture of a major American developer Conti International LLC and the Georgian company TBC Holding LLC. The consortium accepted the corresponding contract in 2016 and possesses exclusive rights to employ the port for 49 years and develop a free economic zone at the adjacent area of 600 ha. The consortium is also participated by SSA Marine (USA), Wondernet Express (UK), and G-Star Ltd. (Bulgaria).
The consortium’s key partners are a major port designer Moffatt & Nichol and a major transaction consultant Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS – the Netherlands).
In March 2017 Anaklia Development Consortium presented a port development plan for 50 years. The project’s implementation envisages nine phases. The port’s annual capacity after all the phases completed should amount to 100M t. The project’s total cost reaches $2.5Bn. Along with the port construction a satellite city is planned to be erected as well.
Realisation of the first phase (2017-2020) anticipates creating annual throughput capacities of some 7M t. It is planned to build the cargo port, container terminal, breakwater and intermodal rail transport service yard.
In August 2017 an American company SSA Marine won the tender of Georgian Government becoming the operator and investor of deep sea port Anaklia. The company owns terminals in nine countries. It operates more than 250 terminals on five continents and annually processes over 27M TEU.
The port of Anaklia is expected to bring new life into the Caucasus and Central Asia opening trade routes for its neighbours and land-locked nations such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, and Tajikistan. These countries have limited accesses to, so the infrastructure development in Anaklia is to secure the most efficient and reliable route for the millions of people living in the Central Asia and Caucasus.
Anaklia being situated on the Black Sea east coast is on the shortest way from China to Europe. This route has come the basic goal of the Chinese infrastructure investments amounting to $40Bn carried out under the aegis of Silk Road Development Fund. The revival of Great Silk Road is an important priority for Georgia, and is based upon Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) signed by the country’s government with the European Union in December 2014.
DEG is an affiliated structure of the German development credit bank KfW which is European largest financial institution.
FMO invests in companies and financial institutions of developing countries with the purpose of private business development
FMO’s investment portfolio embraces some €10Bn.