USPA Holding First Round of Consultations with WB on Ports Reform

8 Авг

The state enterprise (SE) Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) has sponsored the first stage of consultations in the framework of the technical assistance project by World Bank (WB) aimed at support of Ukraine’s port sector reforming.
As the press office of USPA informed, active participation in the discussion on the ports’ land plots, water resources and harbours efficient and transparent use was taken by Managing Director on Policy and Strategy of International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) Patrick Verhouven. In the course of his visit in Ukraine he attended USPA offices in Kiev and Odessa, as well as the three major ports of Odessa Region – Odessa, Yuzhny and Chornomorsk. The expert met specialists of USPA and Ernst&Young, ports administrations, the project office SPILNO, and experts who deal with the development of feasibility study of concession for the SE Olvia Stevedoring company and SE Kherson Sea Trade Port, as well as visited Odessa Regional Administration talking to Vice Governor Svitlana Shatalova.
The subject of meetings held was distribution procedure for the land plots situated within Ukrainian ports limits, as well as lands of their water resources and harbour areas. Significant attention was focused on the aspects of normative and legal regulation of lands distribution, and management of lands within port limits. Also they discussed the implementation of Port-Landlord pattern in Ukrainian ports in accordance with a clause of National Transport Strategy for the period till 2030.
As it was noted, the main task of the joint project of Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, USPA and WB is bringing the port reform to its logical conclusion: selection of an optimal pattern for the management of land assets in a port by way of administering, distributing, and efficient use. In the project’s framework international and local consultants will analyse the existing situation, legislation in force, and port’s land assets management rules. Following this work, a report will be developed with recommendations enabling to enhance land tenure efficiency with account of the most successful practices of world’s port authorities.
“We anticipate that collaboration with World Bank would enable Ukraine to take a major step towards the sectoral reform continuation. Its kernel lays in shifting the ports to the Landlord pattern broadly and efficiently employed over the world. Recommendations of the experts who are realistically aware of every shade and subtlety of this pattern implementation are going to successfully adjust the global experience to Ukrainian realities and generate conditions for dynamic development of business in our ports. The first draught is expected in late 2018, and the final paper in spring 2019”, USPA manager Raivis Veckagans commented on the project realisation process.
Basing of outcomes of Ukrainian Ports Forum-2018 held on 31 May in Odessa, USPA started cooperating with Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) whose mission is to encourage increase of private investments into the port sector. WB technically supports the Fund’s activities.
PPIAF is a multidonor global technical assistance facility funded by 11 multi- and bilateral donors. Founded in 1999 as a joint effort by the governments of Japan and the UK, it closely co-works with the WB Group and is based on it, as well as serves a catalyst to stir up private sector’s involvement in growing markets.