Odessa Passenger Terminal Looking for Investor

6 Июн

The passenger complex of Odessa Sea Port can be granted to an investor for operation. Such a project was voiced in the course of Ukrainian Ports Forum 2018, which took place in late May.
There are objects at the passenger terminal as follows: concert & exhibition hall, central hall of the terminal building, Odessa Hotel, marine art gallery, yachting complex.
The passenger terminal’s throughput capacity is above 1M pax a year, its waterfront comprises 1,370 m with depths 9.5 to 11.5 m. The maximum admissible ship’s length is 330 m. There is also the parking lot for over 300 car places, more than 10,500 m2 of sheltered exhibition area, over 30,000 m2 of open territory.
The yachting complex at the terminal covers 16,000 m2 with berths depths 10 to 13 m, no limit to a yacht’s length. Navigation is open from 1 April to 1 November.
The terminal’s distance from the airport is 8 km, 3 km from the railway station, and 5 km from the coach station.
Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority is expecting a private investor would manage the passenger terminal for a long term and gain on it. New activities are possible like, e.g., creation of a multipurpose hub for visitors. The form of cooperation with the investor could be leasing, assets management contract, concession etc.
The expected project’s realisation term concerns 2018 – 2019.
Let’s note that the idea of granting the passenger terminal of Odessa port to an investor has been already discussed for several years. As an example, it was declared in 2013 that the asset could be handed over to a global cruise operator. In 2017 they said the terminal would serve as a base for exhibition activities, entertainment industry etc.

Source: https://cfts.org.ua/news/2018/06/05/passazhirskiy_terminal_porta_odessa_planiruyut_otdat_investoru_v_upravlenie_47607