Cargill and MV Cargo terminals will be completed next spring

26 Окт

The project of the grain terminals of Cargill and MV Cargo at the Yuzhnyi Commercial Sea Port, with capacity of 5 million tons per year and an investment of $150 million, are midway complete. MV cargo states that construction works will be finished by spring 2018.

The company notes also that both work stages are half-complete, namely: further berth dredging by the Chinese corporation CHEC by the USPA order and superstructure construction.

MV Cargo reports also that superstructure construction (28 ha) includes erection of two sheltered warehouse with capacity of 80 thousand tons and 14 silos with total capacity of 210 thousand tons (Interfax Ukraine).

Источник: Электронный бюлетень    «ТРАНСПОРТ-news». — 2017. — № 11/1. С. 15