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Предлагаем ознакомиться с новостями Морского института Великобритании (МИВ). Наибольший интерес вызывает новость о том, что МИВ стал консультативной организацией — членом Международного морского комитета (Comite Maritime International — CMI).

Can you help distribute The Navigator?
The Navigator
The Nautical Institute’s campaign to get copies of its free magazine The Navigatoronto every SOLAS ship is gathering pace.
Following the first meeting for distributors on 3 July, our new distributor contacts have so far signed up to distribute more than 20,000 copies.
The magazine champions the role of marine navigators worldwide and is dedicated to inspiring professionalism in those who serve in that role. Help us to get all navigators reading their own magazine. If you don’t know it, check it out online. If you read it, share it with friends and colleagues and introduce it to your management team. If you visit ships regularly, sign up to be a distributor.
Working under the influence
The dangers of fatigue
Working while fatigued is equivalent to working while under the influence of alcohol.
That striking statement by the editor of MARS Report 2014 44 brings home the importance of adequate and continuous sleep for all crew and of keeping a proper lookout.
A small container ship hit the sea wall when the OOW, alone on the bridge in the dark, fell asleep. We need to learn the lessons of fatigue. Please share what you have learned from incidents and near-misses by emailing a report via our Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS) Your report will be carefully edited to preserve confidentiality.
Is your DP application correct?
DP Verification Guide
Are you about to apply for a DP certificate? If so, be sure to check out our new Verification Guide along with the other Help documentsavailable on our website.
The guide aims to help prospective DPOs and companies check that applications are correct prior to submission and contains details of the most common errors we encounter when verifying DP applications.
To help improve service levels, The Nautical Institute has strengthened the requirements it applies to applications submitted under its Dynamic Positioning certification scheme. From 26th May this year, applications that are incorrect or incomplete are being returned to the candidate for re-submission.
Tall ship scheme coming soon
Tall Ship
The Nautical Institute recently joined forces with Sail Training International to review its Square Rig Certificate scheme to bring it into line with modern codes and practice and make it more accessible to tall ship sailors who may not sail full time or hold an STCW certificate of competency.
The newly created International Sail Endorsement Scheme (ISES) will be available from September 2014 and will welcome new candidates, recognise experienced candidates and allow existing square rig certificate holders to obtain the new international sail endorsement.
Further details of the scheme will be published in Seaways and will also be available on The Nautical Institute website.
Give something back to MARS
Everyone within the maritime industry has benefitted from The Nautical Institute’s (MARS) — and that includes you.
Even if you’ve never read a MARS report, the lessons contained in these confidential reports of near-misses and accidents (including the fractured arm shown left) are freely available to all to improve safety at sea.
You can help us extend the reach of MARS by…
  • reading reports online, learning the lessons and passing them on
  • emailing us reports on your own experiences (and what you have learned)
  • becoming a MARS Ambassador and promoting the scheme to mariners in your area, nautical college students, shipping companies and port authorities.
To find out more about how you can contribute contact MARS editor, Capt Paul Drouin AFNI, at
My NI: Capt Sivaraman Krishnamurthi FNI
Capt Krishnamurthi FNI
«Since the day I answered the call of the sea 30 years ago, I always knew sharing knowledge and professional expertise was important to my career and would take me beyond just a certificate of competency. Membership of The Nautical Institute showed me how. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner.» Capt Krishnamurthi FNI, India (immediate past President of The Nautical Institute)
Visit our membership benefits page to find out more about the advantages of becoming a member of The Nautical Institute. You can find full details of the different categories of membership and the corresponding subscription fees in our membership brochure. To join the Institute simply apply online.
Nautical Institute joins CMI
Comite Maritime International
The Nautical Institute has been accepted as a Consultative Member of the Comité Maritime International, the Antwerp-based organisation dedicated to the unification of maritime law.
CMI’s core membership is national maritime law associations and the Institute will be joining a consultative membership composed of major intergovernmental and international organisations.
Your events guide…
Listed below are upcoming events. If there’s a Nautical Institute event near you then why not go along and meet some like-minded souls.
CPD certificates are provided at many Nautical Institute events — please check with the event organiser.
The Nautical Institute Command Seminars: 2014
A series of compelling presentations and discussions centred around the theme of navigational competence.
Additional events…
4 August — London Branch J.I.M. — Arc flash in the marine sector
6.15 pm: HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, WC2R 2PN
1 September — London Branch — Short Evening Seminar: Complexity — is the SMS still manageable?
6pm: HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, Victoria Embankment, WC2R 2PN
Hard Rock Hotel, Panama
Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Plymouth, Massachusetts USA
5.30pm: DART drilling simulator  at Robert Gordon University complex
Delta Hotel, St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada (NI members receive a 20% discount)
Hampton Hall, Fisheries & Marine Institute, Ridge Road, St Johns Newfoundland, Canada
Holiday Inn London, Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London WC1N 1HT
(NI members receive a 10% discount)
5.30pm: Inn at the Park, 3-4 Deemount Terrace, Aberdeen AB11 7RX
The Landmark Hotel, 222 Marylebone Road, London NW1 6JQ
(NI members receive IMCA member company rate)
Publications List and Services brochure
Visit the publications section of our website to download our interactive Publications List and Services brochure, listing the entire range of specialist book titles available from The Nautical Institute.

Product code: 0336
Standard Price: £20
NI Member Price: £14

Numerical Weather Prediction
Product code: 0347
Standard Price: £30
NI Member Price: £21

Mentoring at Sea
Product code: 0346
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NI Member Price: £21
— Offshore Specialists
— Deputy Harbour Master
— Senior Lecturer
Not already a member of The Nautical Institute? Join todayand enjoy these valuable benefits…
— international recognition as a professional mariner plus the ability to display your NI membership on your CV and business card;
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