Disputes arising from state contracts declared non-arbitrable

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Cпоры, возникающие из государственных контрактов являются неарбитрабельными. Таким образом, арбитражные оговорки в договорах о государственных закупках считаются недействительными. Следовательно, в договорах относительно закупок товаров, работ и услуг для государственных и коммунальных потребностей в Российской Федерации придется делать соответствующие изменения в оговорках о порядке разрешения споров.

On May 27 2014 the Supreme Arbitrazh Court published its January 28 2014 decision in State Health Institution of Moscow v ArbatStroy (Cases А40-148581/12 and А40-160147/12), in which the court concluded that disputes arising from state contracts – that is, contracts executed for state needs in accordance with the Federal Law on Placing Orders for the Supply of Goods, Making Works, Rendering Services for the State and Municipal Needs (94-FZ/2005) – may not be considered by arbitral tribunals. Since such disputes are non-arbitrable, arbitration clauses in state contracts are thus invalid.

According to the court, the decision was based on:

  • the specific character of the disputed legal relationship (which concerns public needs);
  • the special requirements established in Law 94-FZ for state contracts; and
  • the incompatibility of arbitration principles (in particular, confidentiality) with Russian law principles governing the placement of orders for state contracts.

Although in State Health Institution of Moscow v ArbatStroy the disputed arbitral award was rendered by a Russian arbitral tribunal, the court’s reasoning also applies to international arbitration.

Although the Law on Public Procurement (44-FZ/2013) replaced Law 94-FZ on January 1 2014, there is a high risk that disputes arising from state contracts executed in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement may also be found non-arbitrable by the Russian courts.

Given the position of the Supreme Arbitrazh Court, it is advisable to review executed state contracts and to consider making the necessary amendments to the dispute resolution clauses.

Автор: Viktor Gerbutov

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