BIMCO Announce Ballast Water Management Guide

14 Янв

Балтийский и международный морской комитет (БИМКО) объявил о выпуске руководства по управлению балластными водами для подготовки к ратификации в 2014 году Международной конвенции о контроле судовых балластных вод и осадков и управлении ими 2004 года. Вскоре состоится презентация упомянутого руководства.

The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) today announced in an emailed press release plans to release a step-by-step guide to ballast water management in preparation for the ratification of the 2014 IMO Ballast Water Management Convention.

The guide, written in association with maritime efficiency information specialists Fathom, aims to provide practical guidance covering all facets of ballast water management compliance.

Captain Peter Lundahl Rasmussen, Senior Marine Technical Officer for BIMCO commented: «Among the major challenges for owners preparing for compliance, with the forthcoming Ballast Water Management requirements, is how to ensure a smooth transition to compliance and continued profitability in trade for their fleets — either by using alternative means of compliance or, in the main, by selecting adequate and compliant Ballast Water Management Systems suitable for the individual ships and trades.

«The Step-by-Step Guide to Ballast Water Management is without doubt a fully up-to-date and invaluable tool to aid owners in the search for unbiased and comprehensive information regarding the Ballast Water Management regulations and compliance.»

“shipowners and operators are facing an entirely new set of challenges

Catherine McMillan, Director of Operations, Fathom

The release of the Guide follows the recent approval of the resolution for the Convention at the 28th session of the IMO Assembly.

«Since the release of Fathomʼs ʻBallast Water Management: The Guideʼ in 2011, the ballast water treatment technology market has evolved significantly. With the ratification of the Convention imminent, shipowners and operators are facing an entirely new set of challenges.» commented Catherine McMillan, Fathom’s Director of Operations.

«With the significant investment required by owners in order to ensure compliance, it is more important than ever that concise and independently sourced information is available to owners and operators so they can steer through regulatory challenges with confidence.»

The release of the Guide will be followed by a webinar in January 2014 and a free shipowner summit that will take place February 25-26, 2014 in Hamburg.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Ballast Water Management is available to pre-order

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